Throne War

Six Archdukes in Reformation

Craig Johnson, Craig Sparling
Slot 3 - Fri 2pm-6:30pm - 4 1/2 hours

The year is 1598 AD, Emperor Maximillian II of Austria is dying, after recovering from his near-death illness in 1576. The tolerant and moderate Holy Roman Empire is soon to be giving up his elected and inherited thrones. While the eldest son, the Archduke Rudolf is expected to succeed him, there are powerful forces inside the Imperial Family who have other ideas. There are powerful pressures from three rival churches, uncle Phillip II of Spain as well as the old enemies of the Ottoman Empire and France. More ...

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Historical knowledge or even wikipedia reviews helpful but not mandatory. Characters will start with 100 point characters and will use most LGS rules. Pattern is not available to start with... yet. Non-Hapsburg character concepts can be entertained. Sorcery, Conjuring, Power Words, Danger Sense, even Shape Changing is available.  Please contact the GMs - and
Teen-friendly, Alternate Amber, First Game, Series, Throne War

A Piece of the Pattern

David A McCreless, John Lees
Slot 4 - Fri 8pm-12am - 4 hours

Somebody gas up the dingy, we're gotta go take the Big-O ta see Fredo." It's a thronewar, gangland style in one of Amber's Noir Shadows. The City of Gothamora has just lost its Boss, the Big-O, and is looking for new blood - Yours should do nicely.

May run late, as with any thronewar.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
John Lees
Dark, Role Playing Game, Stand-alone, Tabletop, Throne War

Musical Heirs

Sean McCabe
Slot 4 - Fri 8pm-12am - 4 hours

It is a Throne War and NOT an actual Musical. Based on time of arrival you will pick your chair, and your Amberite. Then the music will start, when the music stops take a seat and play a new character. Who will you be next? A fun and light hearted throne war where you can still off your relatives, when a character dies a chair disappears. But be careful you don't set yourself up for a fall.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Teen-friendly, Freeform, Humor, Role Playing Game, Stand-alone, Throne War

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