Ambercon 2015

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Agents of Blackmoor: Operation Grey Wolf Down

Christopher Midyette, Kat Lemmer
Slot 1 - Thu 7pm-12am - 5 hours

It's been weeks since King Drake's failed attempt to create a major power in Blackmoor, and the
changes wrought by the Draconoth Effect continue to alter the shape of the Verse. Rumor has it that
those changes have spread beyond the Alpha and Omega Termini to the ancient lands of Amber and
Thelbane, eliciting no small amount of ire. Closer to home, the very land of Terra has shifted in accord
with Blackmoor's primacy, creating an Iron Ring of worlds with Blackmoor's capitol, Drakestadt, at its center.

This upheaval has forced Drake to mobilize forces to deal with uprisings and disasters as borders reconfigure within the Iron Ring. As Draconoth has spread its influence, so too has the Beck advanced beyond its previous boundaries within the Hive to the Web Worlds and beyond.

The Beck. Some call it a fluid inter-veil region, a dream of the Fae's homeland projected into the
Tween, or the manifested will of Lugh, their King. Whatever the truth of the Beck may be, it offers a
means of travel between worlds for the forces of Blackmoor, by ancient compact with the Fae, and for
Lugh's own people. Military forces of the Hive, led by members of the Order of the Wolf, have
deployed into the Web, taking up strategic positions to meet any reprisal for Blackmoor's actions by
the Great Powers.

Travel within the Web has been dangerous, sometimes deadly.

Two days ago, a company of mixed forces of Blackmoor and the Regot, their mission unknown, went
missing within the Web Worlds on Earth designate 146 and all communication ceased. Passage via
the Beck to and from 146 has been blocked, stranding the company on the other side, and preventing
investigation by Hive elements.

Red Dome agents are called in to investigate. Their mission: Make worldfall on 146 via telluric
protocols. Contact any surviving troops. Discover the source of the block, gain intel on its nature, and
deal with its source. Exfiltrate the company to a secure fallback point.

Is this the first salvo in a coming war? Or merely the twisting forces of a Verse in turmoil? Only the
Agents of Blackmoor can find the truth.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Email acting GM Christopher Midyette at if you wish to discuss what your character has been up to since the last con. Several pbem sessions are running for those interested.
Adventure, Alternate Amber, Ongoing

Agents of the Argent Rose: City of Hope (2015)

R.F. McCaughey
Slot 1 - Thu 7pm-12am - 5 hours

France. The year is 1923. An age of wonder and contentment has come upon the world. The modern vision of great bards like Jules Verne has begun to see realization. The world hub for artistry, genius, and innovation is the banks of the river Seine. Paris. The Christmas season survived a deadly attack by Max. Now it is New Year's Eve. Corwin calls the Family together to assign new duties and explain a plan to remove the Stigma cult from the world. For once, Grandpere seems to be asking instead of telling you. Your mission, keep the peace and support the Great Republic. The Argent Alliance, the honor of your family and innocent lives may hang in the balance.

please note the web page to understand the background of Corwin's France and the Argent Rose is defunct, contact the GM

Could run late.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
PCs must be from "Argent France" built for 80 pts. Characters submitted to GM prior to convention can be built for 100 pts. Note special costs for some powers at web site. Welcome to returning players (write me!), new players encouraged to make early contact with GM:
Teen-friendly, Adventure, Amber with a Twist, Ongoing, Role Playing Game, Series, Tabletop

All in the Gutter

Kit Kindred
Slot 1 - Thu 7pm-12am - 5 hours

They say the galaxy is full of wonders. Vast star-spanning civilizations. Countless intelligent races. Incredible technologies, psychic abilities, and magic.

But, the the galaxy is full of terrors too. Insane military commanders and system shattering wars. Ancient empires rising from the shadows. Star eaters and planet killers. Bounty hunters and debt collectors.

Amidst all the wonder and terror, a guy still has to get by. It takes a good gun, a good ship, a good crew, and good luck. Especially if those wonders and terrors have a mind to stomp you under their boot.

Welcome to the galaxy, kid. I hope you survive the experience.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Please email Kit ASAP for character generation instructions or to request a pregen. Characters are a crew of renegades, rebels, and rogues in a game of gun blazing rock and roll space opera in the style of Farscape, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Saga. The game uses variants of the Lords of Gossamer & Shadow rules, but no familiarity with that setting is needed.
Teen-friendly, Adventure, Exploration, First Game, Lords of Gossamer & Shadow, Non-Amber, Other Genre, Role Playing Game, SF, Tabletop

Amber Wasteland

Mike Deneweth
Slot 1 - Thu 7pm-12am - 5 hours

The continued struggle to survive in the post-apocalyptic Amberverse. What do you do when you find out your universe has a finite, surprisingly small size? Do Amberites feel claustrophobia?

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Alternate Amber, Campaign, Exploration, Ongoing, Role Playing Game, Tabletop

Bedlam Wails

Robert Haight, Wayne Davis
Slot 1 - Thu 7pm-12am - 5 hours

Summer; hot nights of restless sleep and disquieting dreams and the days feels short and distant. Friend’s faces turn foreign and strangers pass by with glances that suggest that they should know you. Something is wrong, the answer is lingering in the hackles of your neck and you know you won’t be able to hide from the truth much longer.

This is the continuation of a campaign that ran at AmberConUS and AmberConNW in 2011. Players from either game is welcome to participate and new players are also welcome. Setting: Set in the milieu of H.P Love's call of Cthulhu, but diceless, not using any of the source material from an CoC game. Game is set in the modern day U.S.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Robert Haight
Campaign, Dark, Ongoing, Other Type, Role Playing Game, Tabletop

Bishop's Gambit

Kristen Gibbs Nyht
Slot 1 - Thu 7pm-12am - 5 hours

Modern day New York City. Home to wealth, power, and political intrigue on a world level, thanks to a booming economy and the headquarters of the UN.

A janitor shows up dead
A translator is missing
And a major meeting of diplomats is set in 24 hours

Looks like you will have your hands full.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Contact GM prior to con to answer short questionnaire. Characters will be mostly pre-gen with some input from players.
Non-Amber, Stand-alone, Strategic

Hellmaid Academy: War is Hell

Anne Delekta
Slot 1 - Thu 7pm-12am - 5 hours
SPACE FOR 3 TO 6 Returning Players given preference, New Players welcome

Patternfall War rages on. Dara, legacy of the Hellmaid Lintra, is on her way to meet Corwin. The Hellmaids have been sent to the Front to complete their training, but they have another agenda in mind. Can Larsus be brought to justice for his crimes against the Hellmaids? Will dealing with Larsus hurt Chaos' chances against Amber? Are you really ready for war?

Returning characters will receive advancement. New players can choose a pre-generated character, come up with a character concept, or some combination thereof.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Either advance returning characters or (new players) choose a new or pre-generated character concept.
Teen-friendly, Adventure, Ongoing, Role Playing Game, Series, Tabletop, Traditional Amber

Murder on the Cocoanut Express

Amanda Robinson
Slot 1 - Thu 7pm-12am - 5 hours

Hotel de Cocoanut is a quaint little hotel in Florida, if by "quaint" one means "makes up for its terrible service with lax bookkeeping and limited oversight." Also, it's filled with thieves, con men, and one giant mark... uh, I mean, wealthy patron.

If that sounds familiar, it's the premise of _The Cocoanuts_. Don't worry, we'll deviate from the Marx Brothers about five minutes into the game, when the wealthy patron is found murdered. All of you have secrets to hide, so it's up to you to figure out who killed her and why, before the coppers start digging into _everyone's_ secrets.

Set in Shadow Earth, in the 1920s.

While the base setting is taken from a slapstick movie, you do not have to be familiar with the movie, and the game itself is not slapstick so you may play a serious character if you wish. Despite mixing the name with a familiar mystery novel, I do not expect to use the novel's motives for characters in this game.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
We'll be using the paragraph system, in which you tell me a paragraph (or more, if you wish) about your character. You must have at least one secret that would ruin you if it were publicly revealed, and you should have reason to dislike Henrietta Potter, the hotel's wealthy guest. Your secret may involve Mrs. Potter and/or her daughter Polly, but it doesn't have to. Plot will be written around the characters, so please get your character concept to me as soon as possible.
Teen-friendly, Humor, Mystery, Non-Amber

ShadowWorld Mainline Thursday Night

Edwin Voskamp
Slot 1 - Thu 7pm-12am - 5 hours
SPACE FOR 1 TO 8 Returning Players given preference, New Players welcome

ShadowWorld is a diceless roleplaying game based in our world, except that, under the facade of media, politics, political correctnes and 'reality' there is a ShadowWorld where strange things happen: psionic powers, ancient secrets, dark conspiracies that are hidden from or dismissed by the general public. The players are psionically gifted operators of a secret organization sent on a mission. Though an ongoing world setting, it is an episodic campaign: new players are welcome.

The real world in the current day, with a few changes (e.g. Quebec, Ontario the provinces east of it became a country and, with Cuba, Ecuador and Vanuatu, formed a Commonwealth). To the public there is more terrorist acts, more military action, and, recently, more weird events (e.g. Jupiter ignited into a star, astronomers claim we skipped ahead a day in Earth's orbit, Scotland got covered in ancient forests and physically became larger, the Ark of the Covenant was found).

CONTENT WARNING: ShadowWorld involves many adult themes, in particular, if you take (your) religion seriously, playing ShadowWorld likely is not for you.

Game will run late: I expect, and will work hard to, end at 1am.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
If you don't have an existing character that you will play again, contact the GM by email ( with at least a vague idea for an outline of a concept. You can play any character with regards to background, skills, etcetera, as long as your background makes you suitable to be recruited by a US-based organization. Your character will have one or more psionic powers, have some mystical nature, or both.
Dark, Non-Amber, Ongoing, Role Playing Game, Series, Tabletop

Walk The Line: Honor & Glory

Sol Foster
Slot 1 - Thu 7pm-12am - 5 hours

A rare long hallway in the Great Stairway, the Line has dozens of Doors with no stairs between. Join Faris's Shields, sworn to defend the varied inhabitants of the worlds of the Line from threats internal and external. Heroic swashbuckling pulp adventure in the backwaters of the Lords of Gossamer and Shadow universe.

A neighboring world, long been a good trading partner with the Line, appears to be preparing for war...

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Contact Sol Foster before the con with a 100 point Lords of Gossamer and Shadow character. There will be some minor tweaks to the rules, see
Teen-friendly, Adventure, Lords of Gossamer & Shadow, Non-Amber, Ongoing, Role Playing Game, Series, Tabletop

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