Ambercon 2015

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1780: The Swamp Fox

James Arnoldi
Slot 2 - Fri 9am-1pm - 4 hours

With the fall of Charleston and the defeat of the Patriots at Camden, things look bleak for supporters of Independence. Your small militia was about to disband. There was no way you could stand up to the mass of redcoats marching towards Pee Dee. However, General Marion, who made a name for himself as an Indian Fighter in the war with the Cherokee, has arrived with orders from Gates to take command and he has a plan. He knows the swamps better than anyone in the area and he knows where you can hide. When you can't fight a proper war, you can still be a pain in the backside of the British.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Pregens will be provided.

A Company of Wolves

Kit Kindred
Slot 2 - Fri 9am-1pm - 4 hours

Eric has proven himself dominant among the great princes of Amber and now taken the crown and throne of the eternal realm. Yet his reign is troubled and his enemies are many. Dark forces from Shadow and traitors within plague the land. King Eric's foes will find him ready. He has you to enforce his will. You, to track Amber's enemies. You, to rip out their throats. You are his eyes. You are his teeth. You are his claws. You are his Weir.

Rebels have struck in the heart of Amber itself. Though it has cost them dearly, the Weir have identified their prey. Now, the hunt is on.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Contact GM ASAP for character creation guidelines or to request pregnerated cubs! Set in Amber in the early days of Eric's reign. Characters are Eric's most loyal and dangerous agents-the Weir, wolves raised and uplifted by Eric to assume human form.
Teen-friendly, Adventure, Amber with a Twist, Dark, Ongoing, Role Playing Game, Series, Tabletop

Be Not Afraid Of Greatness

Sol Foster
Slot 2 - Fri 9am-1pm - 4 hours

The shadowy Vesuvius Corporation has been rumored to wield remarkable power on the global stage. Now they've taken an interest in demigods like you...

This game will use the Razor-Edge of Fate v2 system created by Kit Kindred and John Lees.

"My child, know this: though you are the offspring of a god of Olympus, you are not one of them. That as long as you live you will stride across two worlds, but not truly be welcome in either. Both men and gods will want to use you to their advantage. And because you are greater than mortal men, your better nature must rise to meet the challenges that are set before you, for in your heart of hearts you are a hero. As a hero, a demigod, you will be stalked by monsters, demons and lesser gods who will hate you for the sake of your mere existence. The artifacts of the modern world will not make fighting them any easier than if you limited yourself to the weapons used by the ancient Greeks. Know that when the worlds of men and the halls of the gods are threatened, it will fall to you to undertake the task for such is your life, your purpose, and the geas that the Fates have set upon you at birth." (Text by Kindred & Lees.)

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Characters are 21st Century demigods, unbeknownst to most of the mortals they share the Earth with. Characters to be created before the convention. The rule system is Kindred & Lees' Razor-Edge of Fate v2. Characters from their game are acceptable, but events that happen in this game may not be considered canonical in future Razor-Edge of Fate games. Everyone else needs to create a character before the game. I will contact people with rules and further information once scheduling is done.
Teen-friendly, Adventure, Non-Amber, Role Playing Game, Stand-alone, Tabletop

Blood: the Shadowing: Agents of B.L.O.O.D.

Matt Andrews
Slot 2 - Fri 9am-1pm - 4 hours

For centuries, the Blood have warred on Earth, hidden from the world at large. Long-lived and possessed of powers beyond those of normal men, their origin shrouded in mystery, the Blood battled in secret. All that changed when The Adversary came, seeking to draw the world under the shadow of his rule. Can the Blood set aside their differences to fight back and save their world? Blood: The Shadowing is a loose, episodic series - you don't need to have played in a previous game to join in.

The Adversary has come for us in our homes. He's come after our friends, our families, destroying the shadow world that kept us safe. This year, we fight back!

Blood: the Shadowing is set in the world of Blood Shadow. It is an Amber game, but the players are unlikely to see Amber, and have no knowledge of the place. The Blood are the distant descendants of one or more Amberites who spent time in the Shadow a long time ago. Think World of Darkness, The Highlander TV show or The Matrix for a general feel - a modern world where people somehow manage to conceal large weapons under their trenchcoats. For more info, see here

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Characters are built using the Amber DRPG system using 115 points if sent in before the con (Contact Matt Andrews (, or 105 points if built at the con. All attributes are pre-sold down to Human level. See The wiki's char gen page ( for more information on power availability, etc. Wacky custom powers welcome if negotiated in advance. PCs should choose a faction to be allied with.
Teen-friendly, Adventure, Amber with a Twist, Ongoing, Role Playing Game, Series, Tabletop

Emergence (1 of 2)

Rae H. Williams
Slot 2 - Fri 9am-1pm - 4 hours

The items from the scavenger hunt the year before were used to activate the Void gate. Facing many odd challenges they were able to rescue the seven Amberites/Chaosians who were missing. They believed that Cuahtli was making a Spikard. They found four of the avatars dead and blood on the floor. They were able to put the Chimera and Wendigo back together and resurrect them, but the Lion and Golden Monkey are still dead. They realize that Cuahtli has come to terms with Cthulhu and has returned to the Real Universe outside of the Void. Can the players keep sane and continue? Welcome to year 18.

This will run in Slots 2 and 3.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Alternate Amber, Campaign, Dark, Ongoing, Role Playing Game, Tabletop

Infinite Amber: Strange Roads

J.P. Brannan
Slot 2 - Fri 9am-1pm - 4 hours

Amber: eternal; the city without an end. After the adventures of Corwin and Merlin, it is no longer believed to be the center of the universe. Instead it is one pole of reality. War and rivalries have reshaped the universe. Kings Random and Merlin sit on the thrones of Amber and Chaos. Random will call upon all the resources at his disposal to preserve and reassert Amber's primacy. Those resources include you, his nieces and nephews, the latest generation of Amber's growing royal family. Together you'll face a threat unlike many Amber has faced before. And if at all possible, don't let King Merlin know anything is going on. He'd only make it weirder.

NOTE: Though technically an 'ongoing series' this is highly episodic and new players will NOT be at a disadvantage.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Characters will be King Random's nieces and nephews. An alternative rule set will be used for "Infinite Amber", which will be circulated online. The GM will contact players to help with character generation prior to the convention. (For people already familiar with this: we'll be using the Infinite Amber version 2.1 rules, a simplified revision of rules that have been played at other conventions.) GM is willing to assist with character generation or even provide pre-generated characters if notified in advance:
Teen-friendly, Adventure, Ongoing, Role Playing Game, Series, Tabletop, Traditional Amber

Merlinspawn: Season of Shadows

David Vandenabeele
Slot 2 - Fri 9am-1pm - 4 hours

Our heroes in Her Majesty's service are swept up in an ancient conflict between recently reborn faerie courts. Specifics of the plot will be tailored to the characters present. Some elements may carry over from slot to slot, but these are separate events.

Steampunk Victorian England a century after the return of Merlin and the reawakening of magic.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Submit a one paragraph description of your character, I'll ask a few clarifying questions, and off we go!
Adventure, Non-Amber, Ongoing, Role Playing Game, Series, Tabletop

Onto the Black Road (character creation)

Simone Cooper
Slot 2 - Fri 9am-1pm - 4 hours

You knew nothing of the Black Road. Amber and Chaos were just fiction to you, and war was a purely human evil that waxed and waned with the tides of history.

That was before Flora's barriers eroded away, and the darkness that waited outside Earth's understanding boiled through. In the first waves of insanity and violence, memory of human war was wiped away. More than half of the world's population was destroyed before any resistance could be organized. A few pockets remain untouched... a reminder that there's still something worth saving.

You are among the few extraordinary men and women who might make a difference. You are a survivor.

It's 2014. Welcome to Hell.

Onto the Black Road will include a character creation session (slot 2, starting late) and a first encounter session (slot 3). You must sign up for both sessions.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
We will do character creation together in Slot 2, developing Earth-human characters who survived the horrors of the Black Road. We will use drives and archetypes derived from various interpretations of the Sephirot as part of the creation and development process :-)

Stone Walls Do Not A Prison Make

Stephen Acton
Slot 2 - Fri 9am-1pm - 4 hours

There is a serious problem with mine 157-D near the Kolvir basin.

10 days ago a tunnel collapsed killing one miner and injuring two others. The next day, 3 members of the clean up crew were severely injured. Since then, another miner has vanished and two more have fallen ill.

Yesterday, the site manager reported that the workers refuse to enter the mine because the tunnel is haunted.

Your team is being sent in to resolve this problem and get the mine up and running again.

Setting info:
This game is set on the edge of the Kashfan Empire two thousand years after the cataclysm that resulted in the fall of Amber.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Pregenerated PCs provided. Players will select from available PCs in the order they arrive for the game.
Alternate Amber

The Fountain Rotunda

Kris Kunkel, Tara Kunkel
Slot 2 - Fri 9am-1pm - 4 hours

The adults call this landing on the Stair the Fountain Rotunda. Me and my mates, we think its an appropriate name. There's rot unda' most of the drapes and blankets and makeshift walls that the refugees have erected here around the fountain. I'm sure that the fountain's why they're all here, but what we want to know is why we're here. We're not Lords that stride the Stair and ignore the dirt and trash that collects in the corners.

We're that dirt and trash, and this is our corner.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Contact with GMs via email prior to con for pregen customization preferred.
Teen-friendly, Adventure, Exploration, Lords of Gossamer & Shadow, Non-Amber, Role Playing Game

The Glory of the Rising Sun

Michael Kucharski
Slot 2 - Fri 9am-1pm - 4 hours
SPACE FOR 4 TO 8 Returning Players given preference, New Players welcome

An adventure in the Harry Dresden universe; After thwarting the Denarians at Petra in Jordan, the remaining Denarians gather try again and wizards must once again try to save the day.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Contact GM; returning players will be upgraded and new player will need to generate their characters
Teen-friendly, Series

The Two Faces of Tomorrow

Robert Haight, Wayne Davis
Slot 2 - Fri 9am-1pm - 4 hours

In 2025, The pace of technology has hit a breakneck pace, and a group of scientist, policy advisers, law-enforcement and military leaders are assembled by a committee of the U.S. Government to try to make sense of where it is going.

Advancements in drone technology, material sciences, artificial intelligence and suddenly an announcement on success with cold fusion is shaking the social-economic fabric of world in tatters.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game

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