Ambercon 2015

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Aurors: The Dirty Coven

David A McCreless, Erik Florentz, Kit Kindred
Slot 4 - Fri 8pm-12am - 4 hours

The Wizarding War rages on. Europe has fallen to the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald and his muggle allies in the Thule Society. Only the Ministry of Magic and its Aurors keep England from falling.

As Grindelwald prepares final moves against the Ministry, the Aurors conceive a desperate plan. A group of dangerous prisoners will be released from Azkaban to operate behind enemy lines on a suicide mission to alter the course of the war.

Now this group of dark wizards, murderers, thieves, werewolves, and worse, along with the Aurors who imprisoned them, must work together before the Wizarding War is lost and Grindelwald conquers muggle and wizard alike.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Email Kit if you have questions. Pregenerated characters will be provided. Some minor knowledge of the Harry Potter universe would be helpful, but not essential as this game takes place roughly 50 years before the events of those books/films. WW2 knowledge is likewise not critical as the game focuses on the secret Wizarding War occurring in the shadows. Likely to not be as dark as ShadowWorld WW2, but likely to have more Harry Potter content :) Character fatalities [or worse] highly likely Game may run late, likely past the witching hour.
Teen-friendly, Adventure, Dark, Horror, Non-Amber, Role Playing Game, Strategic, Tabletop

Blood of Corwin

Cliff Winnig
Slot 4 - Fri 8pm-12am - 4 hours

Far future Amber.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Adventure, Campaign, Ongoing, Role Playing Game, Tabletop, Traditional Amber

Court Dances email game dinner

Simone Cooper
Slot 4 - Fri 8pm-12am - 4 hours

Casual dinner and play time for players of existing characters in the Court Dances pbem game.

Will meet at 7:00 in the GM's room.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game


Mike Manolakes
Slot 4 - Fri 8pm-12am - 4 hours

Today the world changed. Familiar places and people have disappeared, only to be replaced by things unknown to you. Perfect strangers claim to know you, or even say they are your brother or sister. If you are to make sense of the new reality, you must use all your skill and power to learn whom you can trust -- and whom to beware.

In honor of thirty years of Amber gaming, this is a classic crossover scenario, as described in the original rules by Erick Wujcik. Bring your own favorite Amber character from your own favorite campaign. All of your character's previous history, attributes, powers, and artifacts will cross over into this scenario.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Players need to send descriptions of their character, including personal history and background, to the GM prior to the con. Information about any campaign setting where the character was previously used would also be helpful.
Teen-friendly, Alternate Amber, Role Playing Game, Stand-alone, Tabletop, Traditional Amber

House of Justice and Doom

R.F. McCaughey
Slot 4 - Fri 8pm-12am - 4 hours

Every player is a scion of the Marshal of Amber, Prince Benedict. Every player has access to the secret resources your father passed on to you to use in case of his death, for the enemies of Amber are many.

The one true realm is in shock, for Prince Benedict has perished in battle.

You and your sibs are the heirs to Benedict's line, and the King commands you to attend a debrief on the status of Amber's defenses. Also the Executor of Benedict's holdings will disclose to you the terms of Benedict's will.

Can you and your sibs negotiate through the canny connivance of your Cousins and Greater Family? The House of Justice and Doom shall save or destroy Amber!

Amber canon.... out in the infinite shadows. Random is King. Zelazny's books are somewhat reliable. Characters have grown up trained to be hidden leaders and blood royal of various shadow cultures and can work on ties to other PCs with the GM before Con.

PCs must be built for 80 pts. Characters submitted to GM prior to convention can be built for 100 pts. At the game, First come, First served, the GM will hand out the secret resources of your missing parent. No promises the resources will match your character concept, but you can trade with your sibs for a better match at game start.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
To create a character based on connections with other players, email, mark email subject with "ACUS, House of Justice"
Teen-friendly, Adventure, Role Playing Game, Stand-alone, Tabletop, Traditional Amber

ShadowWorld Mainline Friday Night

Edwin Voskamp
Slot 4 - Fri 8pm-12am - 4 hours

ShadowWorld is a diceless roleplaying game based in our world, except that, under the facade of media, politics, political correctnes and 'reality' there is a ShadowWorld where strange things happen: psionic powers, ancient secrets, dark conspiracies that are hidden from or dismissed by the general public. The players are psionically gifted operators of a secret organization sent on a mission. Though an ongoing world setting, it is an episodic campaign: new players are welcome.

The real world in the current day, with a few changes (e.g. Quebec, Ontario the provinces east of it became a country and, with Cuba, Ecuador and Vanuatu, formed a Commonwealth). To the public there is more terrorist acts, more military action, and, recently, more weird events (e.g. Jupiter ignited into a star, astronomers claim we skipped ahead a day in Earth's orbit, Scotland got covered in ancient forests and physically became larger, the Ark of the Covenant was found).

CONTENT WARNING: ShadowWorld involves many adult themes, in particular, if you take (your) religion seriously, playing ShadowWorld likely is not for you.

Game will run late: I expect, and will work hard to, end at 1am.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
If you don't have an existing character that you will play again, contact the GM by email ( with at least a vague idea for an outline of a concept. You can play any character with regards to background, skills, etcetera, as long as your background makes you suitable to be recruited by a US-based organization. Your character will have one or more psionic powers, have some mystical nature, or both.
Dark, Non-Amber, Ongoing, Role Playing Game, Series, Tabletop

The Directive: The Borboleta

Kris Kunkel
Slot 4 - Fri 8pm-12am - 4 hours
SPACE FOR 3 TO 8 Returning Players given preference, New Players welcome

A department under the Franco-Argent Ministry of Shadow Affairs in Corwin's Franco-Argent Empire, The Directive's stated mission is, "To serve and protect the Empire from the illegal use and trafficking of illicit technologies within Franco-Argent and the partner nations of the Argent Court."

What The Directive does? Well, that's only known to their operatives. Earlier this month the Orleans branch discovered some odd items being shipped by a spice merchant through Orleans, they traced the shipments back through Tours and as far as La Rochelle. The Minister is encouraging further investigation, so as to be able to better report to the Emperor when he returns from his Eastern Progress.

Knowledge of last year's game is not necessary, but returning players are welcome to revisit their characters visiting the city of Tours.

The Directive /is/ set in the same universe as The Crimson Guard campaign, but knowledge of the one will have little impact on playing in the other and is not suggested nor discouraged by the GM. Imagine that Corwin drew a pattern and has drawn together his own Argent Court, much like the Golden Circle. He has found a need for an agency to keep the 17th C. French countryside well grounded in 17th C. technology, despite the influx of people and ideas during the Founding of Argent and immigration from the local allied Shadows.

Pre-generated characters will be provided.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Email contact prior to con for character customization is preferred, but not necessary.
Adventure, Alternate Amber, Ongoing, Role Playing Game, Series, Tabletop

The Fairy Circle

Lorraine (Rain) Donaldson
Slot 4 - Fri 8pm-12am - 4 hours

"The country was called Lorraine and so was she."

"I am told it began as a tiny ring of toadstools, far to the west. A child was found dead in its center, and the man who found her-her father-died of convulsions several days later. The spot was immediately said to be accursed."

"I used a spell to get my first man," she said, "and look what he turned out to be. If I hadn't, I'd have been a lot better off. I wanted a pretty daughter, and I made that happen-"
She stopped abruptly and I realized she was crying.
"She was the little girl in the Fairy Circle. I thought you knew..."

"The grasses darkened and shone like metal within it, but did not die. The trees twisted and their leaves blackened. They swayed when there was no wind, and bats danced and darted among them. In the twilight, strange shapes could be seen moving-always within the circle, mind you-and there were lights, as of small fires throughout the night."

Your village faces a terrible threat, how will you respond?

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Create a 50 point native of Lorraine or request a pregen at least one week before the con. No Pattern or Logrus. Unique powers available by negotiation.
Dark, Horror, Stand-alone, Traditional Amber

Though Much is Taken, Much Abides

J.P. Brannan
Slot 4 - Fri 8pm-12am - 4 hours

Amber is made weak by time and fate, but is still strong in will.

Twenty years ago a new King, Random, returned victorious from the Patternfall War fought in the Courts of Chaos. The Epoch of Oberon had ended, and Eric's attempt to ignite a new age of glory had already died in ashes when it had scarcely begun. The King found he had inherited a kingdom cut off from its trading partners, depleted by war, and only kept afloat in the intervening years by the heroic efforts of Prince Regent Gerard. Random marshaled his family, declaring that some work of noble note may yet be done, not unbecoming men that strove with Gods. Slowly, Amber began to regain itself and chart its destiny anew.

Now you are younger members of the royal family in service to the throne, working not only to preserve and defend Amber, but to create the Amber of the future. Diplomats, soldiers, traders, courtiers, and provocateurs, you must be proud, bold, pleasant, resolute, and now and then stab, as occasion serves.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
See full details and character generation available at:
Teen-friendly, First Game, Lords of Gossamer & Shadow, Role Playing Game, Series, Stand-alone, Traditional Amber

X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills

James Arnoldi
Slot 4 - Fri 8pm-12am - 4 hours

Mutation: it is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow. It normally takes thousands and thousands of years, but every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward. Since the invention of the atom bomb, a new breed of humanity has begun to appear.

After the revelation of the existence of Homo Superior, some of humanity have openly welcomed the existence of the mutants, but far more eye them with mistrust and fear. Can Charles Xavier and his followers gain the trust of humanity and shepherd in a new era for humanity or is war inevitable?

This game is set in a reboot-like universe based on and inspired by the X-Men comics and movies, but requiring no previous knowledge of the setting to enjoy.

Players will create characters by email before the con using the Meta-X system (creation of the GM). Players can create their own version of an existing X-Men character or a brand new mutant character. Pregenerated characters will also be available at the con but will be built on less points.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
GM will send out character creation rules before con. Returning players will have additional points with which to build characters.
Teen-friendly, Adventure, Non-Amber, Ongoing

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