My room.
Rae H. Williams
Slot 2 - Fri 9am-1pm - 4 hours

As we begin the 20th year, everyone is unconscious.

Prior to that:
A. Melian, with help, brought the Golden Monkey back to life, so that the Life avatar is alive again . . . good move.

B. Ulysses improved the lands around his power and spent time at the Prana.

C. Trisk solidified the power that she and Kerribad created, though there is a Cthulhu shaped mound in the center of it, kind of like climbing a mountain to walk it. She sang as she worked on it.

D. Lowen took the Eye of Cthulhu and created a new power, which seemed to jump around through Shadow as she created it.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Show up.
Teen-friendly, Campaign

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