Welcome to Ambercon!

Welcome to Ambercon! This Ambercon - the 30th - will be from Thursday, April 11th through Sunday, April 14th, 2019!

You can still buy memberships and T-shirts! Please note that, courtesy of PayPal taking forever to update things, the company name shown is MOM ETCETERA, LLC.

The first phase of Game Submissions is closed.  We are currently scheduling members to games. You can still buy memberships. However, your choices will be limited to the games that will still have open spaces after the first phase of player scheduling is complete. Please contact us through the contact form or Edwin directly.

With the start of player scheduling, Regular Membership pricing has ended. Note that Last Minute Memberships do not come with food vouchers.

Though Amber Diceless Role-Playing has been old enough to drink for over ten years now (it has been thirty-four years since Erick Wujcik first showed ADRP), it is still going strong.

Ambercon is a broad-spectrum diceless gaming and indie gaming convention! We've got superheroes, musketeers, characters from various fictional settings we won't name here due to fear of lawsuits, SOE operatives, cowboys, and, of course, Amber-based games... you name it, we'll game it!