Welcome to Ambercon!

Welcome to Ambercon! Ambercon 2022 will be from Thursday, April 7th through Sunday, April 10th, 2022!

Dear Ambercon US community: we need to hold Ambercon US as a virtual con again. The con will be held April 7-10, 2022, as previously scheduled, but VIRTUALLY. There may be some changes in slot start and end times from last year, but as before, we will maintain all slots in order to enable continuing games to run.

This isn’t the situation any of us on the committee prefer, but it’s necessary. Because of the lead time needed for scheduling, and because many attendees need advance information in order to get flights and vacation time, we have to make the decision *now*. Since the pool of GMs and players would change drastically between a face to face and a virtual con, we can’t risk being forced to pivot late in the schedule. And unfortunately, given current conditions, assuming that we will be able to safely hold a face to face con in early April would be reckless.

Our format, with groups of people in small, poorly-ventilated rooms talking for hours at a time, and then rotating to do the same with other people, is great for diceless gaming, but it’s an unusually high-risk environment compared to most other cons. This isn’t Worldcon; it’s more like a series of room parties. Even with a vaccination requirement and an attempt to require masks, the risks are unacceptable at this stage.

This cloud, however, is not without a silver lining. Last year, I got to to game with a lot of people I don’t normally get to see. We got to play with gamers from the US West Coast, Europe, and the UK who couldn’t come to a face to face ACUS, and that’s actually really cool. Some were former ACUS attendees, while others were coming to their first ACUS. I fervently hope that we’ll be face to face in 2023, but I’ll miss those folks, and I look forward to seeing them again this year. And to our remote-only members, hopefully some of you will be able to join us in person in the future!

We’ll be announcing deadlines for registration and event submission within the next couple weeks, so stay tuned.



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