Amber in Pieces

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Mike Manolakes

A group of people, living unrelated lives in a variety of dissimilar worlds, discovers that each has something in common with the others. There is a secret from their pasts, something momentous that will bring them together to fight a desperate battle against the forces of darkness. For each of them is a piece to a puzzle called Amber.

"Amber in Pieces" is a game I wrote for a group of players, some of whom were not familiar with the Amber books. This game is designed to be a good starting place for anyone new to Amber, but it's also a game where an experienced player can start a new character whose history is not yet written. At the start of the game, all player-characters will be 0-level characters living in Shadow worlds, but there will be a point in game play where players can give their characters Amber-level attributes and powers.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Players should have an idea for a character they'd like to play living in any world of Shadow, i.e., any time period on any world, real or fantasy. Full backstories are encouraged, but GM reserves the right to change some details -- what a character believes to be true about their past may not be. Players may send their ideas to the GM prior to the con or bring them to the con.
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Any (Returning Players not given preference)
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