Black Chamber: the Keystone

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Kristen Gibbs Nyht

The world is a fragile place. We don't like to think about it; we make plans for days, months, or years in advance, pretending the world will be unchanged when we get there. We have children, assuming they'll live in a world like the one we live in now. We plan for retirement, even when it's 30 years out.

But the world does change. And sometimes, it does so drastically, violently, and suddenly. This is a CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN scenario the likes of which the Chamber has never seen before - and that's even after what happened in Colorado...

Setting is inspired by the Laundry Series of novels by Charles Stross, which mix Lovecraftian horror, spy thrillers, and absurd workplace situations. The Laundry is the not-quite-official government agency dealing with occult threats in the UK; the Black Chamber serves a similar purpose but for the US. This is one of a series of games by this GM; the games are independent but past players may return to play their characters. No past experience in the games is needed, however you must have read at least one of the Laundry novels to have familiarity with the setting.

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