Emergence (1 of 2)

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Rae H. Williams

The 22nd year of a 5 year campaign.  Where does the time go?

Last year, there seemed to be an open house at the Prana construct.  Everyone who was anyone ended up there at one time or another.  There’s a need to find a God for the Kazue, as there is a fear of who it might become.  There was some more discussion about the screaming souls and what can be done to free them.  Lowen and Melian (with a bit of help from Trisk) worked on the “squiggles” that are scattered through Shadow.  Trisk explored Caine’s pocket Shadow and found a new pet.  Corwin was recuperating in a hospital and Deirdre is missing again (maybe they should put a LoJack on her).  Ulysses ended up in a city full of dread, where he heard voices and found people stuck in ooze kind of like Pompeii.  Flora began walking the Prana and at the 2nd veil disappeared.  Marcon Trumped her and heard screaming before a giant red tentacle reached through and pulled him through.  Hanuman took Melian to the Dancing Mountains, where they found broken, table, chairs, game board and pieces.  Lowen convinced Gramble to supply Shadow-makers to help with the “squiggles”.  Ulysses charged into the ooze and rescued Deirdre . . . sort of.  Breathing body and soul somewhere in here, but no persona. 

Just a few things going on.

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