Familiars of Hogwarts: Dark-Colored Panther

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Amanda Robinson

When you woke up from yesterday's Last Evening Longer Nap, there was a new kitty. A very dark-colored kitty.

Will she be your friend? Or will she steal your treats? (Good thing the House Elves always have more treats!)


Players are the familiars of witches and wizards at Hogwarts School of Magic.

It's not necessary to be familiar with the Harry Potter series, though it will help if you're vaguely aware that some books were written about a boy at a magic school. It's not necessary to be familiar with Black Panther at all, and it may be better not to be because mostly it's used as things to provide puns and bad jokes. New players are welcome.

The GM likes her sleep, and will move heaven and earth to end on time or early.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Character creation is simple: pick a species. Pick something you're good at. Pick something you're bad at. Congratulations, you're done. (You will find the game much easier and more fun if your chosen species has some form of locomotion, and the GM will find a way to severely handicap any wildly over-powered characters.) Contact alrobins@gmail.com with characters. Or don't, and just have an idea of what you want to play when you show up.
Slot 8
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Returning Players Given Preference, New Players Welcome
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