Lammas Night - The Halcyon Days to Equinox

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Craig Johnson

Inside Amber Castle, King Oberon and Queen Paulette have honoured their children Mirelle and Random’s 25th birthday despite threats to King and Country. 
Risks have been overcome from the Moonriders to the threats of internal dissention. Caine and Julian with Eric have stormed out of the Court and are off brooding after a series of reversals. Which young princesses/princes have been the hand of Oberon or the boot of Corwin?
Oberon’s former Royal Mistress, Darlene Helgram covets the diamond necklace, once given to her, but re-gifted to Princess Deirdre
In this uneasy fog of peace with Amber and Chaos, lurks further opportunity for the wise, the ruthless and the daring.
With Lammas behind, there is coming of Fall as Amber City’s halcyon summer slowly draws to a close and the Autumnal Equinox looms.  The harvests from Garnath Castle to Oberon’s summer retreat of Sans Souci is receiving troubling news. The grain, the olives, the grapes, the cheeses all seem blighted and this is not explainable by normal means.
King Oberon and his Court now count on you, the young princesses and princes, to determine what is plaguing the richest and most critical part of Amber’s homeland. You need to save the rest of the Kingdom’s agricultural supply.
It is said the legendary quality of the grapes and olives of Sans Souci are shipped as far away as the Dragon Court of King Swayville himself in Thelbane Tower, Chaos.  This alone, may have the interest of King Swayville of Chaos.
It is said we, of the Blood of the Unicorn, are connected. There is forming a ripple effect. The actions of the one of us are affecting the future for us all. Even the seemingly insignificant gesture, careless action, or deliberate insult is making a tremendous difference in the days that follow the Court Session not so long ago.
These are the living stories of change. The greatest is beginning in this, the worst and the best of times. Even at this centre of power, hope is coming from even the most unexpected of sources. For your own origins as a scion of Oberon to the heart of the all reality - the only thing more powerful than a king is destiny yet does free will of your actions change that destiny and how?
Has your single act change everything? Has one woman or man make a difference? Will you continue to make change openly, covertly or discreetly as the others have recently done.

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New and returning players welcome!
This has become an open serial game which welcomes more contributors to this story in a little known period in Amber's long history.  Players may choose to be a daughter/son or grandchild of Oberon that is in the Amber Series. The Amber story started with canon but there are more secrets than Corwin told of the kingdom's past. Some of the recent history has been created by player actions and the reverberations/reactions.
Please contact Craig - calj at for character creation information.
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