The Lone and Level Sands

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Simone Cooper

These are the New Worlds.

We are a team of Path Masters from Earth--what we now know is one of many Earths. As Path Masters, we can spot and traverse Shadow Paths. For the past year we have lived and worked in the crossroads city of Cynosure for many reasons: recon, adventure, employment, to save our home. Over that time, we have heard rumors of a mysterious employer, one who demands incredible commitment from their people, but who also provides incredible rewards: access to Jewel Ghosts; horses of Arden; weapons of allShadow; passkeys to the locked Realms of Faerie.

After many successful independent missions, we've now received Cynosure's fabled golden ticket, an invitation to the back room of a certain bar.

The bar is called Munden's, and the interview is with someone code-named OZYMANDIUS.

Cynosure: the shattered mirror of the Keep of Four Worlds, a crossroads of the many ShadowPaths. It is a hundred years after Patternfall and decades after the Veils fell from our eyes ...

Amber: the rose of creation, faded now that the shaping hands of the Pattern have lost their strength, but still considered the Father of all Shadow--a father who may yet be jealous of his lost power.

Chaos: a scattered but wealthy collection of realms well-positioned to take advantage of the changes wrought when the Pattern lost its sway, a hive of "scum and villainy," heroism, beauty, and danger.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Pre-generated character skill packages will be provided. We will create your team's primary origin Shadow together before the con along with the idea of why making a big score now is important to you, and what your team seeks from OZYMANDIUS as its reward.

Communication exchange before the convention is essential but should be brief. Please DO NOT sign up if you cannot do this.
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Any (Returning Players not given preference)
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