Murias: The Power of Metal

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James Arnoldi

Murias is the last of the great cities of the Tuatha de Danaan. In the place that exists between realms, the elves of the Tuatha de Danaan used to wield unimaginable power to shape the reality of faerie, but now they barely venture out of their gated communities. To stop Murias from disappearing like her sister cities, the elves invited mortals and other fae creatures to settle in the city....turning the city into a modern metropolis where trolls and pooka exist side-by-side with humans who have made their way from the mundane world to settle into the In-Between.

Your band, Claimh Solais, has been touring the world, promoting your newest album, "End of Days." Every night is a new town and a new club. The days have started to blend into each other, but every where you go, the faithful scream your name. You were riding into Detroit this morning....and something happened. When the bus exited off the were certain there weren't going to be dragons in Detroit.

Lost in Fae, can the power metal band find their way home? After seeing the splendor of the dreaming city, would they want to return to the mundane reality of the material world? Will the power of their music help them carve out a new legend in a city filled with legends?

This is the first in a new series of games set in the Faerie Noir setting of Murias. This game will be run using the latest version of the KEY RPG System. Pre-gens will be provided.

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