S.C.H.O.O - on to Amber

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John Czarnota

St. Clarissa's Home for Outsdanding Orphans has produced its first crop of candidates. They are settling into Amber, ready to bring Clarissa's blessings to that foul place. The future is wide open!

Returning characters: Well, your psychopathic upbrings are ready to blossom into the adult machinations you dreamt up last year.

New characters: S.C.H.O.O creates an interesting world view - families are unfortunate. Power is critical. Death of classmates is acceptable. Adoption - unfortunate. This year's new classes will be spending some time in SCHOO, and some time aprrenticing with the veterans as they strive to bring down Amber.

Slot 5
Players Allowed
Returning Players Given Preference, New Players Welcome
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