Shadows over Rynn's World

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James Arnoldi

The universe is a dangerous place full of terrors, but The Emperor protects. No alien has dared set foot on the soil of Rynn's World in many centuries. The presence of the superhuman Space Marines and the Rynnsguard Planetary Defense Force deters anyone but the most insane. Unfortunately, Space Orks are not known for their sanity or logic and a great invasion force is heading towards Rynn's World. The planet Badlanding has already fallen to the coming horde and the Crimson Fists lost almost the entirety of the 3rd Company trying to defend that planet. However, the rest of the chapter has gathered on Rynn's World and preparations are under way for what could be a long siege.

This game is set in the grim-dark world of Warhammer 40k. Knowledge of the setting is not necessary. Player characters will be pre-generated and will include a mix of Space Marines and humans who will need to work together if anyone can survive the coming threat.

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Slot 2
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Any (Returning Players not given preference)
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