The Temper of Heroic Hearts

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David A. McCreless and Kit Kindred

For over two thousand years, Lord Drake has taken up arms against what is unjust. Under his flag, farmers discover themselves to be heroes, priests become legends, and mercenaries find their honor, no matter how deeply it was buried. He has knighted boys, women, men, and beings undefined in your experience. And he has knighted you, to carry the fight forward against the growing Dark. You are of that Code now. You ride for Justice. You are a Knight and your heart knows passion for what is Right. The Grand Stair is Infinite. No band of Knights, not even commanded by Drake, can stand against all the Darkness that may pour out of that Infinite wondrous design. What matters is that someone will make that stand. See to your gear, the call has gone out again. We ride!

The Doormen have discovered forces of Lord Bastiano's Ascendancy aiding pirates. A Raven Legion team battling the pirates has already been lost in action.  The Ascendancy and its pirate allies are close to opening an ancient door that must never be opened. What it unleashes may be a threat to the Stair and all the gossamer worlds. Innocent people cry out for aid and the Doormen must answer!

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Please contact ASAP. Open only to returning players from An Unkindness of Ravens and Temper of Heroic Hearts.
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Returning Players Only
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Returning Players Only
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