What Comes to Light

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Linda Duncan

A couple of months back, the Blue Dragon bar burned to the ground taking with it several blocks of one the more ‘unkempt’ districts around the docks. While this was not a particularly unusual occurrence for that neighborhood, this time the area remains cordoned off with the castle guard maintaining a presence in the area; thus depriving many of their favorite entertainment possibilities. Rumors are rampant as to why; perhaps the bar was well named.

This game is open to characters, who feel a responsibility toward Amber and/or Amber City, owe Random a favor, or can be encouraged (all right, coerced) into being helpful.

This game takes place after the Merlin books. Random rules in Amber; Merlin reigns in the Courts and all is well and stable in the multi-verse. Least as far as you know.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Ambercons should have Amber games and this is one. What Comes to Light is an old-fashion shared world game that operates as a serial. Bring a favorite character: Amberite or Chaosian. While points are limit to 200, a strong concept and a well known background are more important than the point count. The GM will contact players before the con.
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Returning Players Given Preference, New Players Welcome
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