Blade Runner 2020: Tears in the Rain

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Michael McLawhorn

The people of Earth survive the pollution and radioactive legacies of the excesses late twentieth century, barely. But living animals are scarce, and humans continue to succumb to degenerative physical and mental conditions from exposure, becoming rated as 'Special', making it illegal for them to emigrate off world or to bear children. Those with health, money, and good sense have embraced the opportunities to of the Off World Colonies, where synthetic biological humanoids, replicants, serve their needs, taking on the jobs that humans are not strong enough, durable enough or are too proud to perform.

Six months ago, in Los Angeles, in fall of 2019, six Nexus Six model replicants returned to Earth to confront their creator, the billionaire and genius scientist Eldon Tyrell. His murder, as well as the murder of the reclusive designer J. F. Sebastian at the hands of his own product resulted in the Earth government completely suspending Tyrell corporation production for the last six months. Replicant slave labor for dangerous and menial services is crucial to the ongoing survival of the Off World Colonies, and the built in four year lifespan for Tyrell replicants has created a nearly catastrophic disruption to the supply chain keeping mankind's remote redoubts calm and carrying on.

Our story finds its characters on April 2020, living and working in the broad stretch of usable land outside the crater of Old Detroit. This is a story about people trying to survive or thrive or perhaps just sustain their own suffering a little while longer in a world succumbing to the post apocalyptic kipple. Perhaps you're a former Blade Runner, sinking into alcoholism and regret. Perhaps an escaped Replicant, hiding out in a humble life. Perhaps a corporate scientist, trying to find a way quick money to get a ticket off this dying rock. Perhaps you're an entertainer, wrestling some joy out of a fading world, or a Special with some modest job, trying to find happiness or purpose in a world which pities you.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Players will receive a survey used to create a character built around their desired style of play and preferences.
Materials will be distributed in advance to help familiarize players with key game mechanics.
Slot 5
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Any (Returning Players not given preference)
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Canceled by GM with the Con (was Full)
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