Brave New World Reloaded

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Rae H. Williams

When last we left the wayward players.:

Wakim has a mission sometime to search Shadow for the publisher of the comic he’s in (for nefarious reasons), but in the meantime, Ix, Wakim and Alex ended up at the brickyard. goBo is on a mission to get 5000 guns and rifles; not sure he has the army for the weapons, or if he intends to carry them all himself. Sinopa and Dworkin are having a picnic while they are waiting to build a wall at the end edge of a Shadow that Ix, Stone Panther, Wakim and Eric asked Dworkin to destroy. It’s okay though, Stone Panther will move the people out to another Shadow first. And Patricia was on her way to meet Caine and Gérard on the latter’s ship to discuss strategies. She hopes to lead the first attack by sea. 

At least, that’s my last notes. I’ll be listening to the recording in the next few weeks.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Get some sleep and show up. Will run until we can't stay awake any longer.
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Returning Players Only
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Canceled by GM with the Con (was Returning Players Only)
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