Dying in the Past

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Mike Manolakes

You are a Traveler, one of twelve individuals who possess the most powerful object on Earth -- the timeband. Travelers can control time: slow time down, stop it, or travel to any era to rewrite history. Some Travelers are your allies. Others are your deadly enemies. All are engaged in a struggle spanning many centuries to prevent -- or achieve -- the destiny of mankind known as Variation Seven.

"Dying in the Past" is my adaptation, in game form, of my science fiction novel of the same name, the fourth book in a series that follows "Variation Seven", "Strange Times", and "Living in the Future". I will be using the character generation system and game setting that I used at previous Ambercons beginning with "Variation Seven"; however, "Dying in the Past" is a stand-alone adventure, and no knowledge of the previous episodes is required. If you played in "Variation Seven" at Ambercon 2016, "Strange Times" at Ambercon 2018, or "Living in the Future" at Ambercon 2019, you are welcome to use the same character or create a new one.

Player-characters will be individuals who have come into possession of a timeband and can be from any era in history, real or alternate. Rules for character generation will be sent out prior to the con, and characters should be submitted prior to the con.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Character generation rules will be sent out prior to con. Players will need to create and submit a character prior to the con.
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Any (Returning Players not given preference)
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