Flowers for Avalon

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Kit Kindred

"Yes, I remember Avalon," he said, "a place of silver and shade and cool waters, where stars shone like bonfires at night and the green of day was always the green of spring. Youth, love, beauty - I knew them in Avalon. Proud steeds, bright metal, soft lips, dark ale. Honor…" -Ganelon, The Guns of Avalon

Corwin, Prince of Amber, Lord of Avalon, has called a grand tournament for all his noble Cavaliers and aspirants to such honours. Have you the courage of heart to navigate the intrigues and romances of this auspicious festival and the strength of arms to face your opponents on the field of honour? If so, present your name to the master of the lists. 

Return to the glory days of Avalon before its downfall. Adventure, honor, romance, and tragedy await in the doomed kingdom.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Email asap for character generation rules or to request a pregen character.

Characters are the Cavaliers of Avalon. The Cavaliers are the greatest heroes, men and women, of the realm. They are Lord Corwin’s closest friends and the greatest defenders of Avalon just before its doom.
Slot 7
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Any (Returning Players not given preference)
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Canceled by GM with the Con (had Open Spaces)
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