At Her Majesty's Pleasure

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Kit Kindred

"Men will die," she said.

"That's the way it is in war. Sometimes you have no choice."

"But we do have a choice, of sorts," she said, "one that I don't understand. And I do want to understand it before I give an order that will result in numerous deaths."  -Vialle and Merlin, Sign of Chaos

Vialle, Queen of Amber, though blind, sees things even the great princes and princesses of Amber do not. She sees into the hearts of those around her and sees their true character. She sees portents that others are blind to.  When she sees something that troubles her, that threatens Amber and its people, she calls on you, her most trusted advisors and agents to investigate and act on her behalf.



What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Email GM ASAP at for character creation or to request a pregen.

Characters are Queen Vialle’s most trusted advisors and agents. They are personally selected and chosen by the Queen for what she sees in their hearts. She may select a weir whose only failure was not dying with her king. She may select a minor noble with poor reputation and limited prospects. She may select a discharged ranger in search of redemption. They are not always those the King, the royal family, or the court would most desire. But, they are hers and they love her and would be their best selves for her. They serve, at her majesty's pleasure.
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