Magical Customs

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Eleanor Todd, Remington Todd, April Todd

U.A. Magical Customs and Immigration Service (MCIS) administers the nation's lawful immigration system as it pertains to magical entities and their dimensions of origin, safeguarding its integrity and promise by efficiently and fairly adjudicating requests for immigration benefits while protecting Americans, securing the homeland, and honoring our values.

U.A. MCIS is the nation’s largest paranormal law enforcement organization, charged with keeping problematic entities, their agents and their weapons out of United America while facilitating lawful inter-dimensional travel and trade. The staff of MCIS are responsible for enforcing hundreds of U.A. laws and regulations. On a typical day, MCIS welcomes more than ten thousand entities, screens more than 200 pocket dimensions, arrests numerous entities, and seizes nearly 6 tons of illicit magics.

Due to an increase of incoming volume and range, an additional 86 ports of entry opened in 2018, including your newly assigned duty station in Livonia, Michigan.

Security is currently heightened, due to the recent events at the Livionia and Gresham check points, the escalated tensions between the Court of Winter and the UA, and the ongoing humanitarian crisis of Trash Goblin refugees.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
This is a freeform LARP, wherein you play an MCIS agent responsible for inspection of entrance papers of inter-dimensional entities and deciding which entities will or will not be allowed to enter.

The game explores the intersection of the magical and the mundane, the whimsical and the bureaucratic. It includes light satire of US immigration policy, but is not focused thereon. For example, the players are citizens of the fictional country “United America”, which includes the real world countries of Canada, Mexico and the United States.

No character pre-creation or other preparation is required, but business or business-casual attire for costuming is suggested.
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Any (Returning Players not given preference)
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Canceled by GM with the Con (had Open Spaces)
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