Neverhere: New York’s Not My Home

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Rae H. Williams

“Been in so many places

You know I've run so many races

And looked into the empty faces of the people of the night

And something is just not right.

Though all the subways are crowded

There's something strange about it

I lived above about a year and I never once felt at home.”

If you’ve read or seen "Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman, the idea starts there. You don’t have to know the story to play in the game though. The GM has never been to London, but has lived in New York. Last year I ran “Subways Of New York” as a sort of intro to this idea. Using the Neverhere setting, each year will have a different story, so you don’t have to have played a previous year. Explore the side, make that below side of New York with talents to help you get through and stay alive. Characters can be upsider, in-betweener, or downsider.

I will set up a wiki soon to point out some of the highlights of the underrealm.

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