Revenge in this City

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David Vandenabeele

At the edge of the Latin Quarter, where Chinatown and Little Bavaria rub shoulders, there is a district of This City that only magicians and shapeshifters - and mortals in the worst kind of trouble - seem to find.  You are here to mark the passing of one of your own... starting with pouring out a bit of liquor and likely escalating to some form of violent revenge.

Welcome to a world John Constantine, Jack Burton, and June Moon would find familiar.  This is a place where ideosyncratic magic, fey glamours, and command of blood and bone are real.

For those not familiar with the Paragraph System, you provide a one paragraph description of who you would like to play, I ask a few questions, and off we go.  Set at the end of the Twentieth Century, feel free to choose a historical, fictional, or original character; mere mortal or being of power.  Additional details available by email beforehand or through conversation in the opening hour of the game.

Will probably snack during, and may carry the game to dinner.

Slot 5
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Any (Returning Players not given preference)
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