Something Wicked This Way Comes

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Linda Duncan

Strange happenings in Amber city have come to the attention of the crown. Are they worth the attention of the crown? That is to be determined; maybe, by you.

This game takes place after the Merlin books. Random rules in Amber; Merlin reigns in the Courts and all is well and stable in the multi-verse. Or is it?

Ambercons should have Amber games and this is an old-fashion Shared World game that operates as a serial. Bring a favorite character who is welcome or, at least, tolerated in Amber. While points are limit to 200, a strong concept and a well known background are more important than the point count.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Choose a favorite character and prepare a character sheet with stats, powers, allies, etc. and a short (or long) history.
Slot 4
Players Allowed
Returning Players Given Preference, New Players Welcome
Game Book Player Status
Canceled by GM with the Con (was Full)
Minimum number of players
Maximum number of players