Star Wars: Flight of the Fallen

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James Arnoldi

In 1977 George Lucas released Star Wars, the first in his trilogy of science fiction movies. In that trilogy, he hinted at a lot of back story for the universe and there was talk about creating a series of prequels that would fill in the details of the Clone Wars and how Darth Vader and the Emperor rose to power. We never saw those prequels....

The Clone Wars are over, but a new threat befalls the Jedi. Imperial forces have begun attacks on Jedi temples throughout the sector just as the Emperor reveals his new ally: the Sith lord known as Darth Vader.

This series is a "first series purist" game. Only events in the original trilogy are considered canon. New players are welcome. Each scenario stands on its own. Returning players will have additional XP to spend on their character. Characters can be Jedi, soldiers, charming rogues or anything else that could have fit in the original movie trilogy.

Slot 6
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Returning Players Given Preference, New Players Welcome
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Runs Online (was Full, ACUS2020 players in this game get preference)
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