Strahd Must Die Tonight!

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Zack Kunkel & Nicole Hambleton

In the miserable land of Barovia, the vampire often called simply "The Devil," Lord Strahd Von Zarovich has ruled for countless generations, and has spent that time carefully laying plans and schemes to thwart any would be adventurers and crush their hopes, and only afterward would he be bothered to crush their bodies, and spare only their spirits, to linger on for eternity, bound forever to wallow in the mists. He is the dark. He is the land. He is the ancient, and he has had all time to prepare.

And you, with no plan, nor resources, nor allies, have only until the stroke of Midnight, before the horror of Strahd grows into something twisted, alien, and utterly unstoppable.

This is a one-shot game based heavily on the Ravenloft setting from Dungeons and Dragons, notable for its use of many Gothic Horror elements and tropes, most famously the Gothic castle of Ravenloft as the titular dungeon and the infamous vampire lord, Strahd, who serves as the focal point of this adventure. Players will race against the clock to find and stop Strahd as he grows more dangerous with every passing hour, until midnight when their fate, and that of Barovia, will be decided, one way or another.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Game will be a "lite" version of traditional D&D, drawing on its mechanics for inspiration and resources, rather than for the actual stats and dice rolling. Players are expected to have some idea for a personality and design of a character, but the bones for any character stats or abilities that are needed will be provided. Players are welcome to develop backstories but they are not needed as this is a strictly one shot campaign that will begin and end in the Castle of Ravenloft.
Slot 6
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Any (Returning Players not given preference)
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