Terminus Rex: Desperate Measures

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James Arnoldi

The world can never go back. When the first dimensional rifts were opened the world came under attack. Those initial invaders were defeated but the world learned that it would take more than the Liberty League to keep the world safe when otherworldly threats can slip into any city at any time.

Now, a way has been developed to create heroes capable of superhuman feats...but at a great cost. All those who take the Terminus Treatment have a limited number of days left. The powers will literally kill you. At most, you may have three years but most likely you will live less. Use of your powers will increase your decline.

You are doomed to die. What will you make of this time? What legacy will you leave?

Terminus Rex is a new superhero setting utilizing the KEY RPG system. Characters in Terminus Rex games can carry over in future Terminus Rex games (that will be run at future Ambercons and U-Con in Ypsilanti).....as long as the character lives. Will you conserve your life by trying to limit the use of your powers or will you burn out fast and bright?

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Players will be contacted before the con to create characters via e-mail.
Slot 4
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Any (Returning Players not given preference)
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Runs Online (was Full, ACUS2020 players in this game get preference)
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