Amber Follow: The Posse

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Madeline Ferwerda Bernard

Follow is a game where the players come together in the slot itself to pick one of the plot/genres (like "Heist", "Build the Bomb that Ends the War", "Enact a Rebellion"), and then the game offers two-word characters that fit with that plot (like "Dirty Cop", "Foreign Scientist", "Vengeful Rebel"), and then you set up motivations that tie you to the plot and other characters, and make a secondary character, pick some of the troubles that your plot has to overcome, and go around making scenes addressing your motivations.

How does it play? Well, what do you think will happen when we get a bunch of brilliant GMs and players in a room, and start helping each other's characters suffer and succeed? It's awesome.

This year, I'm picking the genre: The Posse. Somewhere, somewhen, in the vast Amber multiverse, a group of you have ginned yourself up together to bring someone... or something... back to face justice.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Look over the character and plot seeds below and begin to think up something Amber-flavored that fits, where you can really pull the roleplaying levers. Chaosites hunting down the killer of Duke Borel? Shadowpeople hunting down the ratty little guy who cheated at cards? Is this the story of what happened to Osric and Finndo?

Everything else will happen in the slot.

1 | The outlaw has their gang with them.
2 | They are a clever snake.
3 | They have a big head start.
4 | It’s a lawless territory. There are outlaws everywhere.
5 | The badlands have a thousand places to hide.
6 | We’re not experienced gunmen. We may be outmatched in a fight.

1 | sheriff
2 | deputy
3 | federal marshall
4 | gunslinger
5 | vengeful townsfolk
6 | fearful townsfolk
7 | teacher / priest
8 | young hothead
9 | town drunk
10 | wizened old coot
11 | family of victim
12 | former outlaw
Slot 4
Players Allowed
Any (Returning Players not given preference)
Game Book Player Status
Open Spaces
Minimum number of players
Maximum number of players