Boundaries of Infinity

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Paul Weimer

Set about a century after the Patternfall War.

With Chaos, Rebma and Amber at peace. (we don't talk about what the Jesbys tried a few years back. And we don't mention what your cousin Lorius did in response. The crater in the Black Zone is still radioactive anyway), cooperation and working together on mutual problems and concerns are more the rule of the day.

Which is to say that one doesn't take advantage of opportunities or issues, of course.

Reports from Rheaine of House Ishtar, daughter of Eric, of a strange, expanding region of shadow have come to the attention of both Merlin and Random. And Moire has interest, too. The era of cooperation is going to be tested, as a joint force of Amberites and Chaosians and Rebmans are going to go get some real facts on the ground about what is impinging on Amber and Chaos' suite of Shadows...on the Boundaries of Infinity.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Players create 120 point characters, basic powers only**, either from Amber, Rebma, or from Chaos.

Parentage (Amber):
Castor (son of Gerard)
Pollux (son of Gerard)
Eric (dead)
Caine (yes, he's dead.)
Luke (which likely means you are Kashfa-focused). He has no declared siblings or half-siblings.

Parentage (Rebma)
Any, including Llewella.

House Sawall (royal House): Merlin doesn't have kids (and oh boy does he hear it from Mom).
House Hendrake (martial focused)
House Helgram (magic focused)
House Minobee (mercantile)
House Baccaran (Diplomacy)
House Chanicut (a weak Great House trying to hold onto its status by any means)

**Exception is the Rebman Pattern. 50 points. Moire controls and gives the ability to have someone walk the Pattern and gain its power through her advanced mastery of her Jewel.

Needless to say, if this is you, you are working closely with Moire, certainly a noble of her court, highly trusted and she likely has an Agenda for you on this mission.
Slot 7
Players Allowed
Any (Returning Players not given preference)
Game Book Player Status
Minimum number of players
Maximum number of players