Broken Gods

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Darren Hennessey

All life in Creation was destroyed in an inevitable event called The Kali Yuga. A seed (a Rohi) from The World Tree was saved and cast into the Void. That seed eventually found purchase on a lifeless husk of a world and ignited a vital spark of existence. This world came to be called Ayati, which in the old tongue means hope. The promise of the Rohi is that the universe would begin again when the next age, the Satya Yuga, had begun. It's been 500 years since the world woke up, but we're no closer. Many potential gods slept within the Rohi; some fled the world, some grew old and forgotten, but only seven now remain. They are Bhagna Atua, Broken Gods, flawed, incomplete, and unable or unwilling to master their destinies, which are inexorably tied to the fate of Ayati.

These are the seven Broken Gods:

Xibalba, the Forgotten Ghost Queen: Freebooting Aztec barbarian warrior princess advancing toward a struggle with her Destiny. She's the goddess of Victory, Courage, and Strength and absolutely LOVES her life. Legend has it that she ran out of enemies to fight so she defeated her own past in a duel and forced it to yield, years dripping from its wounds, and then she banished it.

Li Qian Shen, the Sly Prince of Chance, also called The Serpent Whisperer: Genial and gracious scoundrel God of Gamblers, Wine, and Sacrifice. He foolishly cheated several old gods at gambling, claiming their tools of power and now he's being pulled in a dozen different directions and struggling with the loss of his own identity.

Ku Kuei Xian, the Immortal Skeleton Man: Saturnine and contemplative God of Misfortune, Hunger, and Temptation, subject to occasional unexpected moments of dark humor, wit, and even charm. He's a Hungry Ghost, trapped by Fate, but in search of a new path towards redemption.

Maalee, a Tender of the Garden: Rishi of the peaceful Jani tribe, Vessel of Mahananda, the Armored Titan who strides the world, and Goddess of Fertility and Magic. Her people are farmers, herbalists, bakers, artists, astronomers, and magicians. They're nomads that cultivate the land and move on after the harvest. Maalee deep down loves her sister Katnevaala, but has a fundamental philosophical argument with her.

Katnevaala, a Tender of the Garden: Warlord leader of the martial Aji tribe, Vessel of Mahananda, the Armored Titan who strides the world, and Goddess of War and Fear. Her people are hunters, soldiers, builders, blacksmiths, furriers, and slaves. They colonize the land with fortresses and redoubts. Katnevaala deep down loves her sister Maalee, but has a fundamental philosophical argument with her.

The Exile, the Broken Maker known as Sunder: Sunder is the Eldest of these New Gods, they are the last of a dozen Makers that faithfully assisted the Creator long before the Angels, before Heaven and Hell took shape or went to war, and before the World Ash took root. When the Creator asked Sunder to do something unspeakable, they refused and were exiled and stripped of their power to Create. They're a force of Mending, Love, and Change in search of forgiveness.

Yevgeni, the Wolf that Tired of Being a Man: A man who turned himself into a wolf and swallowed the Moon because it gave him power, but it's driving him mad and slowly killing him. He lost his true love, who turned into a raven and flew away. He's the God of Animals, Madness, and Chaos.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Characters are pre-generated, but I would like to get them picked before the game. Players will be provided with a link to a document explaining each character, how they relate, and the relevant locations in the world of Ayati. Custom art provided by Claudia Cangini. Questions can be sent to
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