Council of the Mountain People

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Craig Sparling (CS)

A Lords of Gossamer and Shadow game, based around characters from a mutual shared gossamer world.

"Lords and Ladies of Gossamer, are quirky idiosyncratic things. They are not bound to blood line, or a musty ancestral throne for their power, but distinct and possessing individual drive and character so as to worthy in their own way of initiation into the greater mysteries of the long and winding stair. While there are 'Sovereigns' and even a 'Court' at Vala's Holding at Shatterlight, there are countess worlds but, only a finite number of Ladies and Lords of Gossamer."

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Character creation using base LGS rules and 100 points. Home World details will be finalized in a pregame creation conversation.
A common World creation is part of the character creation process.
Themes to think about:
What makes this world your character's home?
What ties does your character to your cohort?
What distinguishes your character to have reached a higher state of being?
Slot 1
Players Allowed
Any (Returning Players not given preference)
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Minimum number of players
Maximum number of players