Dark Warp - The Sundered Worlds

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James Arnoldi

The year is 2470. It has only been three years since the test of a new FTL drive that would warp space to improve travel time had an unexpected consequence. It broke the barrier between our universe and another universe....one in which magic and sorcery were common and technology was unreliable. Now, the DAW Star Corps has a new challenge to keeping peace in the Democratic Alliance of Worlds. Magic has been reawakened and creatures of legend come to our universe. Even old threats, like the Cron Hegemony have a new added menace as old enemies learn to utilize the power of magic.

Thankfully, magic isn't truly new. Some ancient orders kept the teachings of the old ways and in those old practices are the secrets to unlocking the potential that came....from the Dark Warp. With new advisors assigned to the SCS Protector, the highly trained officers of the Star Corps will need all the magical help they can get to unravel the mystery of the Sundered Worlds.

This game is a one-shot set in the early days of the Dark Warp Setting, a setting I've been developing for the KEY RPG system. The Key System is a mechanics-light system that I have been using for games at Ambercons for over a decade. No experience is necessary.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Pregens will be provided. I will contact players before the con to ask about character preferences.
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Any (Returning Players not given preference)
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