Exeunt Florimel, Welcome to the Family Feud

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Randal Trimmer

Sequel to Exeunt Florimel, Murdered by Fire Angels.

The children of Amberites begat on visits to Earth* had been hidden, somewhat prepared but largely kept in the dark by Florimel and are now initiates of the Pattern in Rebma and free to do as they wish.
Set during Nine Princes in Amber -- Corwin walked the Pattern in Rebma and disappeared this morning.

*While Oberon fathered children as he wished, none of his children can procreate. Aside from with Chaos Lords (which most of the family is unaware of), or, as it turned out, Rebman royals (but Random 'knew' that Morganthe's child wasn't his) or each other, but Oberon forbade incest and seems to have been obeyed. So parenthood, should they become aware of the PCs, is a brand new thing to nearly all of Amber's Princes and Princesses

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