Fiasco and Follow Fun!

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Matt Andrews

Matt don't plot, so instead I'll facilitate playing Fiasco and Follow, two GMless games that generate their own plots!

Fiasco is modelled on things like Coen brothers movies (Fargo, Big Lebowski, Hail, Caesar!) where everything eventually goes wrong for pretty much everyone. It's a... well, you know.

Follow is a game of generating trope-y games in a variety of settings, and unlike Fiasco, there is a decent chance of a positive outcome.

Both games are narrative-based and light on rules; it mostly comes down to things like "X, set up a scene and say who's in it, Y, decide if this scene goes well or poorly", then everyone improvs from there. Warning! Dice are involved.

We can all decided which of the two we want to play, pick a playset and get going fairly quickly. It's possible that we'll have time to go through two games - both can go pretty quickly.

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