The Folly of Amber

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James Arnoldi

History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of Amber. In ages past, Dworkin's experiments in the forces of the universe gave birth to the wonderous city of Amber reshaping the multiverse with it at its center....but the nature of the multiverse also created a counterbalance. For years, the royal family of Amber thought Dworkin's ramblings about the Titans were merely the addled product of his imagination. However, Gojira is real....and he has been awoken by recent experiments in Trump....and now he marches relentlessly towards Amber. Can the sons and daughters of Oberon put aside their differences to stop Gojira? Will the secret to stopping Amber's destruction be found in the tales of the other ancients? Will the Amber Defense Force's powerful mecha keep the city safe or can a way be found to peacefully co-exist with the titans?

The Folly of Amber will use the KEY RPG system, a unique card-based system that focuses on shared narrative control and co-operative play. Pregenerated Elders will be provided.

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Contact the GM with the preferences of Elders
Slot 2
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Any (Returning Players not given preference)
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