Luke and Merle Face the Music

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Jeremy "Bolthy" Zimmerman

Centuries have passed since Merlin "Merle" Corey and Lucas R. Reynard, Esq. ascended to the thrones of Chaos and Kashfa respectively. And... they really aren't good at being kings. Now dark forces threaten the universe, and an emergency set of phone booths are sent out through Shadow to recruit those who can save the day.

This is the re-run of the unexpected fifth installment of the "Luke and Merle" series, the first one in... 17 years. You're welcome.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Returning players are welcome, but I'm not giving them any sort of preference. It's been 17+ years. I don't know where I can even find that info now. We'll probably use Zoom for this game.

For returning returning players, just figure out what your character has been doing since the events in any previous "Luke and Merle" game. Since this a game without points (hence making it...pointless...?) you are free to have developed powers, especially since some players had the option to walk a Broken Pattern in previous games. I generally trust you to have enough maturity to not exploit this too much. As a general note, I do require a power base for Trump Artistry.

Otherwise, new characters will, ideally, be personalities from fiction and/or history. The big limitation is that I won't take major religious figures. If you go for characters that are godlike (Phoebus Apollo, Silver Surfer, etc) or insanely huge (Godzilla, Galactus, and so forth) be prepared to have "varying shadow laws" give you a wedgie. "Up, up, and aw— d'oh!" Characters from the hit series "The Chronicles of Amber" are out of the question. Otherwise, have at it. A group consisting of three Napoleons, Emperor Norton, Sherlock Holmes, and a pouty Elric of Melnibone works just fine.

Character proposals must be emailed to the GM. The description you give will be your character, so be certain to provide as much info regarding background and abilities as you feel necessary. The GM's knowledge base is more "eclectic" than "comprehensive," so feel free to explain things in simple terms using small words.

If you played in this in ACNW, you're welcome to play again. I barely remember the plot I used there so I can easily make up a new one if I have an encore player.

This game will be run on Zoom.
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Any (Returning Players not given preference)
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