Mysteries of the Multiverse

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James Arnoldi

The Multiverse. A multiverse of realities and timelines and on every one there is an Earth. There are Earths that are home to powerful wizards and Earths where magic does not exist. There are earths where colorful superheroes do battle with powerful villains and worlds where everyone just struggles to survive. The multiverse is a collection of infinite earths.

For the safety of the multiverse, a powerful race known as the Monitors ensures that travel between universes is rare and the stability of the multiverse is maintained.

....but what happens when a mystery comes along that leaves them clueless? Who do they go to? Well, every Monitor is aware of at least one "world's greatest detective" and it is time to call them all in.

You are one of those detectives. You can be any detective you want....but in your world you are one of the best. Who will you be? Sherlock Holmes? Miss Marple? Lt. Columbo? Jessica Fletcher? Batman!? Encyclopedia Brown!?! Detective Chimp!?!? Can even the multiverse's greatest detectives solve "the murder in the multiverse?"

You can even play any character as long as they are known for solving crimes and they come from a setting where there is an Earth. (They don't have to be from it so if you want to play Mr. Spock, he may find this mystery....fascinating.) Character creation will be handled using a streamlined version of the Key RPG System by e-mail.

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You will be contacted by e-mail with directions.
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Any (Returning Players not given preference)
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