Pendrad: Reveal (2021)

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R.F. McCaughey

In Pretty Amber, there sits a King of All Order. In Dark Chaos, there hovers a Queen on the Edge of the Tree of Matter. Amber and Chaos have vexed us since before the Nameless spit out the Logrus. Terrible immortals, they parcel the universe and squabble over mysteries. Pendrad is found. Lords of Shadow and Gossamer have uncovered that which was so Long Lost we nearly forgot it ourselves. Once the Glorious Pendrad was the Crafting the UnderGods feared, and too long they have forgotten who built the Pendrad. We call You of all Bloods together, for a Memory returned. Young Immortals are pretty, but not the prettiest or most wicked. For they are not Fae.

Play the Immortals who existed before the Universe had Shadows, the Fae. They are incredibly ancient. They have mad skillz. They breathe Magic. They are nearly extinct... but maybe that can change! please read 'Lords of Gossamer and Shadow' by Jason Durall. Your PCs will be tasked by the Great Khans of the Fae... you may pick your own Khan (returning players have first choice), based on character design OR contact with the GM by email.  The web page to get flavor background of Pendrad series is

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Players encouraged to make early contact with GM: Please use the rule set 'Lords of Gossamer and Shadows' instead of the Amber DRPG. Additional 'flavor notes' at

Characters into the GM 2 weeks before Con get 100 pts. Other Characters are built for 80 pts. No pregens available without talking to the GM.
Slot 5
Players Allowed
Returning Players Given Preference, New Players Welcome
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