Retribution's Orphans

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Liz T

Amber’s thousand worthy families must play the game to stay in it and the Bayles played hard, becoming rich enough that Oberon put them on a tighter leash by ennobling grandfather Byron. That was long ago before anyone dreamed of a day Oberon would not rule in Amber.

The economic hardship that began with the intrusion of the dark tides didn’t improve when the war ended. Having been so favored during what they now call ‘Prince Eric’s Regency’ it had been a struggle to support the house without the Crown’s favor. The twenty years King Random has ruled in Amber have been harsh ones for the family. Even in the Golden Circle, it had fallen out of style to serve any of the refined products from Bayle. Changing logos helped but eventually the association was found and the most profitable segments slipped back in market share. The garbage wines sold everywhere, but diversification of product into medicinals and fuels hadn’t been enough to fill the gaps.

Prince Caine has been an ally through all and grandfather was certain without the prince, the Bayles would be in dire straits. This belief proved true when King Random expelled Prince Caine from Amber. Caine’s people, who do always seem to be everywhere, warned you to stay at sea and have a care. The prince expected his brother would dissolve Bayle, or worse.

There would never have been time to sail home, even with the best winds and clear shadow lanes. The royal guard arrested everyone who was at the estate, seized all the properties. They say Reginald and others were killed attempting to flee justice. Grandfather died in the dungeons before he’d even been brought up for trial.

They destroyed all the vineyards with fire. King Random declared Bayle dissolved. Any Bayle found in Amber or its allied states will be arrested.

Learning all this through the past month has been one shock after another. You’ve had to kill some of Caine’s (former?) agents who sought to bring you in for the bounty that has quietly been placed on your head. You know this will get worse. Being raised a merchant pragmatist you retreat to The Last Resort. There, the pirate branch of the family has operated under various banners for years. There will be assets, ships, weapons; hopefully cousins.

You’d known your grandfather was a schemer. It’s how he rose. Long before you were born, they’d fostered rumors about Queen Paulette vicious enough to incite her suicide. Grandfather would only mention it unsober; admitted only things ‘went too far’ and ‘never intended such a thing’. Your grandfather had been nervous about Random’s ascension, very worried that the ‘young king’ would hold ancient history against him. Seems like he might have prepared better for this eventuality

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
You will be playing the granddaughters of Baron Byron Bayle- Partial Pregenerated PC’s. Expect 30 mins of prep in email – more if you are wordy like the GM. I run using a modified Everway system, meaning we tell a story together and the GM uses cards as aids to the narrative at decision points. Our story will be about heroine-level humans reacting to changes wrought by forces beyond their control. This is an adult game with adult themes - You will have an opportunity to exclude or revise trauma in the backgrounds and set boundaries for in-game play. *Probably* not a happy go lucky pirate game. We are set 20-some years after Patternfall, in the 20th year of Random’s reign. Corwin made a new place during the war where he lives with a growing family. The dark forces from the war have been mostly quiet. “Chaos” is defeated.
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