Second Breath

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Paul Weimer

It should have been the trip of a lifetime, to see Nepal, to hike a trail, to see mountains bigger than any on earth. But the dreams that you have had in the guest houses, of swordplay, of fire, water, earth air and wood, of magic, and of danger, those you could live without. And why do you think you know your fellow trekkers, having almost certainly never having met them before?

And why do you have the feeling that you are being followed?

And what will happen when your tour guide asks you try and open a Door and see what is beyond?

Second Breath is a LOGAS game based on Lords of Gossamer and Shadow, with elements of Exalted, Scion, and Amber. Characters start off as seemingly ordinary Earth people, who find out that the truth is rather different. What will happen when your character takes their second breath?

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
100 point LOGAS characters without powers having grown up normal lives on Earth. Banking is allowed but do not bank for Stair based powers.
Also, players should decide on the element they are most aligned with:

Air: Logical thinkers and intellectuals.
Earth: Bastions of stability and tradition.
Fire: Passionate and flashy.
Water: Determined and patient.
Wood: Nurturing and sensual
Slot 5
Players Allowed
Any (Returning Players not given preference)
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