ShadowWorld Conspiracies

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Edwin Voskamp

You work in a Law Enforcement or Intelligence Agency or related (e.g. NYPD, FBI, FEMA, BAFT, etcetera), that could be operating out of the Boston-Washington area. You have seen something unusual, something you could not write up officially and keep your job. Sometime after that you got contacted by a group working underground, asking you to help defend Earth from What Is Out There. Since then you, by yourself, in small cells, have done off the book work for this secret group, while trying to fit it in with the justifiable work of your day job.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
If you don't have a character for this game that you want to play get at least a character name and concept tot the GM before the game.
Slot 3
Players Allowed
Returning Players Given Preference, New Players Welcome
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