ShadowWorld: Crime Leagues

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Robert Haight

This serial campaign is set on Earth in the 1950s, an alternate timeline where psionics exist and most psionics for various reasons turn to a life of crime. Characters are drawn into a newly established criminal syndicate to use their wits, cunning, powers and brute force in the transformational years where old world orders are crumbling with money and power to be had in plenty for those who can take it. Note: This game has the potential to turn historic and religious events upside-down. Players who have difficulty separating their personal cultural or religious beliefs from those of their characters may find elements of this game disturbing and may wish to look elsewhere.

Psionic ability is not a heritage of the privileged unless they have gone off to war or suffered terrible misfortune. It is much more common among the poorest classes struggling for survival. However psionic abilities remain largely unknown to the general population. Science pokes and prods at the concepts of psionics, but because few people come forward claiming psionic ability and because scientists have been unable to bring people to the breaking points where psionic abilities emerge. Psionics are often drawn into the underworld because they have grown up on the street and their abilities give them a chance at a step up in life, they are combat veterans looking to stay in the profession or variously find that what they seek in life is not to be found in more reputable occupations and lifestyles

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GM will contact players before the game, but because GM tries not to be a hypocrite and is terrible at getting characters done before a con, GM can not hold it against you if you do the same....
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