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Edwin Voskamp

This time, this place (well, sorta, there were a few minor changes). You are elite soldiers from militaries around the world, and attached specialist and even civilians, in a black ops program dealing with invasion of Earth by non-humans, the TARGETS. The Colonels' Council running the program generates missions ranging from reconnaissance of parallel worlds reachable through the tunnel system, to support and expansion of off-world bases and even a proto-colony, in case Earth falls. This is current day Earth, sort of. This is Amber, sort of. Target:AMBER grew out of Patrick Brady at AmberCon UK running a one-shot (which became a 9 year campaign that ended half a decade ago) musing on the casual strength and resilience of Amberites described in the first books, and consider what the whole package would be, in speed, reaction speed, senses. Consider dogs that can run down a Mercedes and tear pieces off of it, and think what it would mean to face a pack of those, as a mere mortal, with Earth arms and armor. Consider how many Amberites have visited Earth over the years, and how they play games. This starts on Earth as we know it, but a bit different. The multiverse after the first five books, and then some. This is Target:AMBER V2. It is not a spin-off, not a reboot, this is a continuation of Target: AMBER, as run by Patrick Brady at AmberCon UK, and the spinoff set in the same universe run by Tim Hart at Ambercon NorthWest. What more can I tell you?

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Contact the GM ( Characters are created using the Amber Diceless Role-play system, but based on 10 points rather than the 100 points of normal Amberite characters (though attributes are Human = 0, Chaos = 5, Amber = 10). Points can be spent on Attributes, Stuff, Background, and Items.
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