Too Many Sorcerers

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Sasha Smith & Michael Mirth

What sinister plot manifests in the Magic Circle of London? They should all be merely stage magicians in this backwater shadow reminiscent of foggy gaslighted England. Something more is afoot. It's a study in . . . well, some hypothetical color that only magicians are capable of seeing for one reason or another (like scarlet/emerald). Your job is to infiltrate this august body, requiring you to perform a 'trick' at the audition. Piece of cake for powerful Chaosians with sorcery such as yourselves, right? But what if you out yourself to the shadowy mastermind behind it all? Players will be asked to perform one magic trick for the group, for the delight of all others, with one path for those accepted into the organization and another for those who are turned down. Each will have objectives; can you fulfill them in time?

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Build a chaos character with 100 points, which must include sorcery (minimally). Your outlook is that of a closer, a la Night in the Lonesome October. If you are intimidated by having to perform a trick for the others, you may use your sorcery skill, but this may have other . . . pitfalls.

Reread (optionally) A Night in the Lonesome October, A Study in Emerald.
Slot 8
Players Allowed
Any (Returning Players not given preference)
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