Clone of Infinite Amber: Fighting Back

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J.P. Brannan

Amber: eternal; the city without an end. After the adventures of Corwin and Merlin, it was no longer believed to be the center of the universe. Instead it is one pole of reality. War and rivalries have reshaped the universe. Kings Random and Merlin sit on the thrones of Amber and Chaos. Random's Amber will call upon all the resources at its disposal to preserve and reassert Amber's primacy. Those resources include you, his nieces and nephews, the latest generation of Amber's growing royal family. Together you'll face a threat unlike many Amber has faced before...

With Corwin's created Realm of Paris spread across the lifeless void between worlds, worlds not meant to touch now collide. Random has recently taken back control of Amber, and Amber's royal family may have discovered ways to use their Pattern to seize an advantage in the ongoing conflict.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
Characters will be King Random's nieces and nephews. An alternative rule set will be used for "Infinite Amber", which will is available online at

The GM will contact players to help with character generation prior to the convention. (For people already familiar with this: we'll be using the Infinite Amber version 2.4 rules, a simplified revision of rules that have been played at other conventions.) GM is willing to assist with character generation or even provide pre-generated characters if notified in advance:
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