Clone of Though Much is Taken, Much Abides: Conspiracies and Confrontation

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J.P. Brannan

Amber is made weak by time and fate, but is still strong in will. Twenty years ago a new King, Random, returned victorious from the Patternfall War fought in the Courts of Chaos. The Epoch of Oberon had ended, and Eric's attempt to ignite a new age of glory had already died in ashes when it had scarcely begun. The King found he had inherited a kingdom cut off from its trading partners, depleted by war, and only kept afloat in the intervening years by the heroic efforts of Prince Regent Gerard. Now you are younger members of the royal family in service to the throne, working not only to preserve and defend Amber, but to create the Amber of the future. Diplomats, soldiers, traders, courtiers, and provocateurs, you must be proud, bold, pleasant, resolute, and now and then stab, as occasion serves. Random's worked hard to rebuild what he can of the Golden Circle military and trade alliance. It's hard to rebuild something that took Oberon centuries to build, and those who remember Amber before the war whisper that Amber hasn't regained the full measure of its former glory.

In this episode: Sinister forces have been at work behind the scenes in Amber and elsewhere. A trail of clues may lead our Lord and Ladies of Amber to the conspirators, or into the fight of their lives;

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