No roads lead to the Ghost Train!

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RF McCaughey

Dire misfortune falls upon the Tombstone Railway and tycoon Chester C. Biggs begs the help of the Family Elders. Of course, whenever Evil seeks to thwart Nobility, the Family shall respond. The Elders have contacted you out among the Shattered Limbs of the World Tree and dispatched you to serve the Family Need.

'Laeti vescimur nos subacturis'   (We gladly feast upon those who would subdue us)

This is a game of Whimsy, Dark Wit, Dashing Style, and Romance. You play a young Addams with the Flaw (broken pattern) guiding you in an adverse infinity of Shattered Limbs. The PCs are all Cousins/Sibs who respect Passion and Family.

What do players need to do to prepare for the game
special note: please review media on the Addams Family, the genre tone is how the Addams demonstrate Nobility with a Broken Pattern power.

Build your PC for 50 points, use the Lords of Gossamer and Shadow ruleset. Player PCs not approved by the GM at least 2 weeks before Ambercon will be given 40 point Pregen PCs at the Convention game. PCs have the Flaw, one Passion, and Ooky Theme for no points.

The Flaw! (Broken Pattern in this game comes with 5pts Bad Stuff. Players may choose to buy up to Zero Stuff with their points)
Ooky! (visualize your PC around a monsterix or aberration of mundane human myths--there are minor narrative sfx the GM shall assign with Ooky)
Passion! (Addams are known for their Passions, these inspirations add a rank to your Attributes in narrow situations. Examples:  Dangerous Plants, Swordplay, Poisons, Explosives, Law, Finance, Graveyards, MadScience, Spouse, Child, Lover, Muse, etcetera! You get the idea.

You may purchase added Passions for 2 points each. Passions should lean into a single Attribute (Endurance/Psyche/Strength/Warfare). Therefore Explosives/Endurance and Explosives/Warfare are two distinct Passions.
Slot 2
Players Allowed
Any (Returning Players not given preference)
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