AmberCon US 2020 and COVID-19

Submitted by Edwin Voskamp on Fri, 2020-03-06 11:52

Dear ACUS 2020 attendees:

As you’re all aware, the spread of COVID-19 is causing concerns. It is hard to predict how things will change over the next few weeks. We are monitoring information and recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as local, state, and federal agencies. The WHO is recommending cancellation of large (1,000+ attendees) conferences; Ambercon, however, is a much smaller conference. In addition, apart from the opening and closing receptions, we have no events where we all gather together in one place.

At present, we do not plan to cancel Ambercon US 2020, but we do plan to take measures to mitigate risk:

- We will be cancelling the opening and closing speeches; the opening buffet will still occur but will be served by hotel staff to minimize handling of utensils and maintain food safety.

- The hotel will be providing hand sanitizer; we will provide additional cleaning products for use in rooms where there’s gaming.

We also ask you to help us:

- Wash your hands frequently and follow good hygeine with respect to sneezes etc.

- Be careful about excessive physical contact throughout.

- If you are ill at the time of the con, do not attend.

- Isolate yourself if you become ill during the con.

- If you are high-risk for COVID-19, consider your own risks as you decide whether to attend. If you feel that you should not attend, we are willing to refund your con membership or you can donate it in support of the con.

We will continue to watch the situation and evaluate, and if things change we will communicate with all of you openly and clearly. But this is where we are today.

Thanks for being part of the Ambercon community!

-- The Ambercon US Con Committee